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Samsung battery, independently verified

Samsung battery independently tested during production. Additional inspection with full strip down in the UK to verify cell compliance to ICR-18650­26F.
Genuine UL-approved charging equipment
At time of writing, we are one of 2 retailers in the UK supplying our boards with UL certified charging equipment. 
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UK tested at Aardvark Engineering Ltd. 

Independent safety testing conducted by an aerospace consultancy based at Shoreham Airport. Compliance testing for battery, charger, and cut-off system. 
CE, ROHS and FCC certification.
This certification is the absolute minimum you should expect from a hoverboard retailer. We independently verify the certification from our supplier to ensure the documents are genuine and up to date.
UK tested at Cass Industries Ltd.
Independent testing on every UK batch by Cass Industries Ltd. who conduct safety approval for UK Customs. Battery, charger and plug tested and approved.
8 point check in the UK on every board.
Prior to dispatch, your board will have an 8 point check to ensure all functions operate correctly and safely. This check is conducted in our workshop in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex.